'Plan Data Entry' type Commission Element

How to define 'Plan Data Entry' Commission Element?

Go to 'Modeling' sub menu and open one of the defined models.

Click on the 'Add Commission Element' button.

In the 'Add Available Data Elements' screen, click on the 'New Plan Data Entry' button.


In the 'Add New Plan Data Entry' screen, define the required data such as name and min/max values, and click the 'Save' button.



  1. 'Entry in Members Level' allows you to configure the screen for employee level
  2. The attributes which appear at the list of attributes are the ones which should be manually fed into the system


How to define a value to a 'Plan Data Entry' commission element, in a plan level?

Open a model which includes 'Plan Data Entry' commission elements.

Click on the 'Plan Data Entry' button and select the 1st option: 'Data Entry'


In the 'Plan Data Entry' input screen you can see the entire list of 'Plan Data Entry' commission elements that are defined in the model. For each such element you can provide value either manually, through the 'Value column' or by clicking the 'Get' button in each row to bring the value from the previous period.

The value which is eneterd, in a plan level, is assigned to all plan's employees.



How to feed data into 'Plan Data Entry' commission element, in employee level?

Access the Modeling part, 'Plan Data Entry' tab

Select the relevant plan, for which 'Plan Data Entry' Commission Element is defined, and start to feed your data, in employee level



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