Managing data sources' categories

How to manage categories (Add, Update, Delete)?

In 'Modeling' main menu, 'Data Elements' tab, click on the 'Categories' button, on the left part of the screen




Select the required action ('Add', 'Edit', Delete'), through the 'Manage Categories' screen:


If you click the 'Add' button, for example, once a new category is defined, it appears in the tree on the left part of the screen.


How to assign a data source to a category?

While defining a new data source or editing an existing one, you can select the assigned category for the data source:


If no category is selected, the data source is automatically assigned to the 'Uncategorized' default category.

Once a data source is assigned to a category, all of its related KPIs (filters) are assigned as well.

How to search for a KPI?

Type the required KPI  in the 'search' box. Partial name can be specified as well

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