Reports definition

How to create a new performance report?

  • From the 'Home' page select the 'Reports' link
  • Press on the 'New Report' button and select the 2nd option, Transaction Report:

  • Transaction Report definition screen is opened
  • Provide 'Report Name'
  • Press on the 'Columns' which should appear in the report. For each such selected column, you can define the column's label by pressing the 'arrow'


How to define a new Plan Report?

Access 'Reports', from your Home Page.

Press the 'New Report' button and select the 'Plan Report', from the list

Once the report window is opened, define its name and then select its plan, at the upper part of the screen, and the relevant commission elements, through the 'Add Item' button

 Continue to select the relevant attributes that should be part of the report.

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