How to set up JOOPY to send e-mail notification after data loading?

  • Access Tools sub menu and open 'Data Loading' tab
  • Select the data source, for which data loading notifications are required, and press the 'Loading Options' button

  • Check the 'Distribution Mail Process' check box, in the 'Loading Option for the Default Batch' screen


  • Access Tool sub menu, users' permissions definition, select the required role and access the 'Activities' tab
  • Check 'Ability to send Workflow to mail', which is the last displayed ability

  • Access Tools sub menu, open Process tab folder and 'WorkFlows' tab inside


  • Select 'After Automatic Loading' row.
  • In the 'Action' column select the 'Send email' activity.
  • Press the 'envelope' icon to define the notification distribution

  • In the 'Condition' column, open the drop down list and select when notifications should be sent
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