Graphical Dashboards Definition


JOOPY Analytics Module includes a User Defined dashboard builder, which enables authorized users to easily create graphical dashboards and distribute them among the different users of the system, according to their roles. The dashboard builder is composed of a library of graphical objects, which can be easily configured through the GUI, to present the required information

*for licensed accounts only

First, How-to provide permissions to the Admin user to configure the dashboards?

  • From the Home Page, access the 'Tools' sub-menu
  • Open the permissions tab folder
  • Press the   button to open permissions definitions
  • Select the 'Commission Administrator' role, on the left part of the screen

  • Open the 'Home Links' tab and check 'DashboardsReportsLink'
  • Open 'Other subjects' tab and check 'DashBoardReports' option


How to define a new dashboards report?

The definition process is composed of 3 main phases:

Phase 1: New Report definition

  • Login to JOOPY, as an admin user
  • In the Home Page, select 'Dashboard Reports' link
  • Press the  button
  • Provide the report name

Phase 2: Graphical dashboards set up

  • Press on the link which is now available through the newly created report name
  • Press on the 'Charts' button at the left corner of the screen and select the desired graph: Column graph,  Multi-column graph, Angular Guage, Quadrant and Plan Indicators. 


  • An empty graph box is opened in both cases and you should press the 'properties' button to define the graph's appearance, according to the required properties and information.
  • Once you have completed the graph definition, you can set its size by pulling its boundaries
  • You can set multiple graphs, according to your needs

 Phase 3: Setting the report permissions

  • In the 'Reports' screen, select the newly created report
  • Press on the 'Set' link in the 'Published To' column
  • Check the required roles for which the newly created report will be available to


Required properties while creating a new graph:

The following terms describe the variety of properties you are asked to define while creating a new graph (press the properties button  )

Multi-Columns Graph:

Caption: Graph Name, appears inside the graph layout

Category: The X-Axis series type. Can be: Data elements, Periods or Plans

Theme: The colors plate of the graph

Labels: Graph's labels appearance

Axis Left: Selection of the Left Y-Axis series

Axis Right: Selection of the Right Y-Axis series

 - Periods selection

  - Departments selection

 - Plan and Commission Elements selection

mceclip0.png -  Data Elements per Plan-only

Note: While defining a column graph you are asked to fill in required properties, which are a subset of the above properties.

Drill-Down Option - For the ability to drill-down from a single line chart- make sure to uncheck the "Aggregate" option.


Click on the column you want to drill, and choose one of the options:


Finally, Drag & Organize  Dashboard reports as you wish:



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