Graphical Dashboards Definition


How to provide permissions to the Admin user configure the dashboards?

  • From the Home Page, access the 'Tools' sub menu
  • Open the permissions tab folder
  • Press the   button to open permissions definitions
  • Select the 'Commission Administrator' role, on the left part of the screen

  • Open the 'Home Links' tab and check 'DahsboardsReportsLink'
  • Open 'Other subjects' tab and check 'DashBoardReports' option


How to define a new dashboards report?

The definition process is composed of 3 main phases:

Phase 1: New Report definition

  • Login to JOOPY, as an admin user
  • In the Home Page, select 'Dashboard Reports' link
  • Press the  button
  • Provide the report name

Phase 2: Graphical dashboards set up

  • Press on the link which is now available through the newly created report name
  • Press on the 'Charts' button at the left corner of the screen and select the desired graph: Column graph,  Multi-column graph or Angular Guage


  • An empty graph box is opened in both cases and you should press the 'properties' button to define the graph's appearance, according to the required properties and information.
  • Once you have completed the graph definition, you can set its size by pulling its boundaries
  • You can set multiple graphs, according to your needs


  • Phase 3: Setting the report permissions
  • In the 'Reports' screen, select the newly created report
  • Press on the 'Set' link in the 'Published To' column
  • Check the required roles for which the newly created report will be available to


Required properties while creating a new graph:

The following terms describe the variety of properties you are asked to define while creating a new graph (press the properties button  )

Multi-Columns Graph:

Caption: Graph Name, appears inside the graph layout

Category: The X-Axis series type. Can be: Data elements, Periods or Plans

Theme: The colors plate of the graph

Labels: Graph's labels appearance

Axis Left: Selection of the Left Y-Axis series

Axis Right: Selection of the Right Y-Axis series

 -   Periods selection

  - Departments selection

 - Plan and Commission Elements selection

Note: While defining a column graph you are asked to fill in required properties, which are a subset of the above properties.


Drag & Organize  Dashboard reports as you wish:



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