How to enable 'Prizing' permissions?

  • Access tools/permissions tab folder
  • Open permissions properties
  • Place the mouse on the required role
  • Open 'Subject' tab folder and then select 'Modeling'
  • Check 'PrizesPage' option


  • In Tools sub menu, access 'Account Parameters' tab
  • Check 'USE_PRIZES'



How to define a new prize?

  • Access the 'Modeling' sub menu
  • Open the prizes tab
  • Press on the 'Add New Prize' button

  • Fill in the New Prize properties screen



How to combine a prize in a commission model?

Prizes are represented in a commission model through a scale commission element.

  • Access Modeling sub menu
  • Press on 'New Scale' button to create a new prizing based scale

  • Provide the scale name and select 'Prizes' to be the 'reception' type of this scale

  • While defining scale tiers, you can access the defined prizes through the 'Receive' column

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