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The Home page is your gate for the application status overview and for reaching its main operational modules.

On top, an at-a-glance current status overview is shown in a three‑in‑a‑row information boxes.

On the lower left-hand box, a wish list of the main operational features is offered. 

Current Status Overview

A three in a row boxes display provides the current operational status of your Joopy. They provide:

  • The recent Portal Usage in the form of logins within the last 30 days, and the number of users that logged in within that period.
  • The current total Commissions of the employees under your supervision.
  • The data Loading and latest Calculations performed in your system.

At-a-Glance, Current Status Overview

The current status differs greatly on the size of the corporation and its sales efforts. As may be expected, a large corporation may employ several sales representatives but the Login box will show the activities of the managers or supervisors. However, the Commission box reveals the apparent success of the sales department effort.

The Load Process, on the other hand, will show when new data was uploaded or the incentives plan has been revised with a new Calculation.

More detailed information is available by clicking in the More button at bottom. 

Further information, even more detailed, can be obtained by clicking in the Details box.

  • For Login detailed information:


  • For Commissions detailed information:


  • For Loading detailed information:


Getting to a Setup/Informational Module in Home Page

The lower part of the Home Page includes a wish list of setup and functional procedures for you to perform. 

This list links you to the main features and procedures in the system. The procedures in these applications enable the setup of the incentives plans and the link of the representatives to them, in order to calculate their commission.  


This options list guides you to the main operational modules:

  • View and manage representatives

This selection opens the Organization module. This module enables defining one of the essentials in Joopy - the organization or department workforce and its hierarchy, its incentive plan(s), its accumulated commissions and more. 

  • Change commission rules

Click here to open the Modeling Plan module. This module allows for defining an incentives plan and the model on which the commission is calculated by setting the rules for calculation. The result of this feature is one commission plan that determines the Representatives’ income. Several plans can be defined.  

  • Create a data source and filters

Commission plans are based on data elements that represent the fundamental numbers on which commissions are calculated. For example, data elements can be sales define in amount or quantity. This module enables defining the source of this data, either uploaded (external Excel file), or created manually. Filters are available for detailed commission’s definition.  

  • Create new period

This feature enables setting a time period for an incentives plan.  


How can you customize the 'Home Page' ?

Through user defined widgets and 'Links' in 'Home Page tab in permissions definitions




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