Selecting a Setup Module at Home Page

The lower part of the Home Page includes a wish list of setup procedures for you to perform. 

Getting to  

To get to the Home Page:

  • Log In
  • After Log In, click Home (1) in any page (top, right-hand side of the page). 

Setup Procedures 

The list of setup procedures (1) is shown below the current status display. 

 These procedures encompass the application modules that enable the setup and update of the available procedures and functions.  This options list guides you to the main operational modules:

  • Managing Representatives and their incentives (1)

This module enables you defining one of the essentials in Joopy - defining the organization or department workforce and its hierarchy, its incentive plan(s), its accumulated commissions and more. 

  • Defining a Commission Plan (2)

This page enables defining the model on which the commission is calculated, by setting the rules for the commission. The result of this feature is one commission plan that determines the Representatives’ income. Several plans can be defined.  

  • Creating a data source and defining data filters and creating a data source for performance data (3)

Commission plans are based on data elements that represent the fundamental data on which a commission plan is actuated. For example, data elements can be sales. This page enables defining the source of this data which can be uploaded from a data source, or defined manually. You can also define data filters in order to consider specific data only.

  • Setting a time period for a commission plan (4)

This feature enables limiting the commission plan for a defined period of time.  

  • Getting to the Joopy training school (5)

The Joopy school provides a series of tutorials that covers a foundational understanding of Joopy and its main features.  These tutorials have been prepared for beginners as well as for experienced personnel in the commission incentives industry.

  • Logging into the Portal (6)


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