What’s in the Home Page

(this is a specific home page for a specific type of user need to have article for each Infolet ("Widget") and a specifc article for each role in the system about his home page)

Getting to  

To get to the Home Page:

  • After Log In
  • Click Home in any page (top, right-hand side of the page)


The Home page is your gate for the application status overview and for reaching its main operational modules.

On top, an at-a-glance current status overview (1) is shown in a three‑in‑a‑row information boxes.

On the lower left-hand box, a wish list of the main operational modules (2) is shown for selection. 



At-a-Glance, Current Status Overview

The current status differs greatly on the size of the corporation and its sales efforts. As may be expected, a large corporation may employ several sales representatives but the Login box will show the activities of the managers or supervisors. However, the Commission box reveals the current success of the sales department effort.

The Load Process, on the other hand, will show when new data was uploaded or the incentives plan has been revised with a new commission calculation.

 The Status display differs:

First Log In

At first login, the boxes provide a description of their future contents, as shown below.



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