Adding a New Representative to the Organization

Id. Definition 

Prior to the addition of a representative to the organization, a definition of its identification data is necessary.  By default, a representative is identified by:

  • Code:

A unique number that is attached to the Representative. It can be the Representative Id. Number, social security number or else.

  • Name

Representative name.

  • Plans

The name of the incentives plan that determines his commission. A Representative can work under several plans.

Adding a New Representative to a Department

To add a new Representative to a department, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the Representatives tab (1)
  2. Click on the manager name (2) to insert the Representative in the correct department
  3. Click on the Add New Representative button (3) – a new row is shown in the Representative grid
  4. Enter the requested identification data (4) – Representative Code and Name
  5. Click on icon  in the Plan cell to define his incentives plan
  6. Click Save (5). The new Representative is located at the bottom of his department list, since he is the latest recruit.



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