Viewing/Adding/Retrieving an Incentives Plan in the Representatives Page

An Incentives plan in a Representatives page can be displayed, added or retrieved directly in the page. Proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the Representatives tab in the Organization module.
  2. Select the Representative data row
  3. Click on  icon  in the Plan cell and a plan selection page is shown. This page enables adding/retrieving a plan for the Representative.
  4. To add, select the plan from the available list in the left‑hand column then click the forward upper arrow.
  5. To retrieve, select the plan from the available list in the right‑hand column then click the lower upper arrow.
  6. The multiple arrows buttons enable to add or retrieve all plans in a single click.
  7. Press Save when finished or Cancel to return to previous selection.
  8. Click on X on right-hand top corner when finished.


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