Viewing a Department Incentives – Details

The Incentives page can provide an incentives details of a department/manager team.

To obtain detailed data on the department incentives, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on Incentives tab in the Organization module.
  2. Click on the manager name (1) to display an overview of the incentives for the whole department.
  3. Click on the arrow  (2) at left of the plan name to display a detailed data box (3) of the incentives of the department.
  4. Scroll (4) to display all incentives data of the selected department (1).
  5. Click on Details (5) to display detailed information of the commissions for a specific Commission Plan (6) and Data Element (7). The detailed data includes the incentives per Representative name (8), as shown below.
  6. Further clicking on Details (9) enable the detailed display of all transaction information (10) for the incentives of the representative (8). All transactions (11) are provided
  7. Scroll (12) to obtain all the information related to the transactions.
  8. Press Close (13) repeatedly to close all Incentives information screens.



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