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The Organization module is the first feature to appear after you log in to Joopy, or whenever you return Home. The Organization module is intended to enable defining one of the essentials in Joopy; the organization with its departments, its workforce and its hierarchy, its incentive plans, its accumulated commissions and more – all in one place. 

This article provides an overview of the Organization module. 

About login

After Log In, the Home Page is shown with a wish list [I want to] in the lower area. . The first option in the list [View and manage representatives] brings you to the Organization module [for detailed instructions, click here]. 

About representatives 

By default, the Organization module (1) shows first the Representatives page (2). This page is displayed in a two-column layout. The left-hand column (3) provides the list of representatives in a hierarchical structure. The right-hand column (4) displays all incentives data related to the selected representatives at left [for detailed instructions. click here].

The visual display of the organization hierarchy is of managers and departments. It reflects the organizational structure (3) of your workforce. The system recognizes the Representatives below a manager as belonging to a department, even if your organization does not includes any department.

The list of representatives can be created manually  or uploaded from an external source such as your own list in an Excel file.

Just as well, Joopy enables redrawing easily the relationships within the hierarchy, to reflect changes in the organization. Simply by dragging the representative name across the list, either horizontally or vertically.

This feature enables adding, deleting representatives or, after second thought, canceling your changes [for detailed instructions. click here].

About incentives in representatives

The right-hand screen in the Representatives page provides the incentives attributes of the organization, from a whole department to a single representative [for detailed instructions. click here].

These attributes include the main information concerning the incentives, such as an identification number (1 – Code) for each representative, the name (2), the total amount of the incentives (3), the incentives plan (4) that produces the incentives and more. The total sum of the incentives (5) of the department is provided at the bottom of the table.   

Same information for a single representative can be obtained by clicking on the name in the previous column.

More detailed information on the incentives and plans of a representative is also available by clicking on the attached icons:

  • Icon  in the Incentives cell provides a detailed data on the representative incentives [for detailed instructions. click here].

  • Icon  in the Plan cell provides a plan selection page [for detailed instructions. click here].

About incentives 

The Organization module also provides detailed information on Incentives, Performance and Target for the department and for each representative.

The Incentives tab provides an overview of the incentives for the whole department. It can be displayed either in a department or representative format. The department selection (1) provides detailed incentives per Commission Plan (2) and further detailed per commission element (3).

A further detail option (4) enables the display of the data element employed for the evaluation of the commission element [for detailed instructions. click here].

The same display capabilities are provided for a single representative.

The same display capabilities are provided for a single representative.

About performance 

The Performance page (1) in the Organization module provides information on the up-to-date performance of the Representatives.  This screen displays the performance for the whole department (2), one representative after the other (3). All data elements for each representative are listed with their achievement [for detailed instructions. click here].


Further details requirement (5) will produce a comprehensive display of all components of the data element that aggregate to produce the achievement amount.

About target 

Another incentive option is provided in the Target tab in the Organization module.

The Targets page (1) is intended to enable the manager (2) insert manually the expected target (4), for each attribute or data element that the respective Representative (3) is expected to reach [for detailed instructions. click here].

About manual data entry by manager

Finally, the Manager Data Entry tab (1) is intended to enable the manager (2) insert manually a special incentive, such as a bonus (3 and 5) for an individual Representative (4) [for detailed instructions. click here].

About miscellaneous

Other capabilities include the export of incentives, performance and more data to an Excel file or to a Pdf file, for external processing [for detailed instructions. click here].

As this overview has shown, the Organization module provides comprehensive information on the commissions for your whole organization and its representatives involved in the incentives program. 


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