Data Elements - Setup Overview

Any commission plan must be based upon data elements that provide the amounts and quantities for calculating the commissions. 
Therefore, the data sources must be defined first. Joopy enables insertion of data either from an external source or manually.

The Data Elements uploading and definition is the second in the five-step procedure for the system setup, as shown below.

First, the representatives are defined and identified in the system. Next, the data elements have to be inserted, filtered and checked. Subsequently, a commissions plan has to be defined, set and tested. Finally, the commissions have to be linked to the representatives in accordance with their activities.

A test shall complete the incentives plan process.

However, usually the data source is external. This external data is typically provided in Excel spreadsheets. This external data is loaded whole.
Joopy allows for data filtering to perform incentives calculation on specific elements or data subsets.
Joopy also allows for the addition of data manually in the Data Elements page.
The various data are defined as Data Elements. This section consists of the following articles: 


Setting Data Elements 

Removing a Data Element 

Further Setting of Data Elements














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