Creating a Commission Plan – Overview

This article defines the process of creating a new commission plan.

The system allows you for two different approaches:

  • Creating a new commission plan
  • Creating a simulation commission plan. 

The new commission enables the definition of a plan and its direct implementation. This feature is recommended in case you have a clear definition of the commissions or there is already a similar plan, and this new plan is another version of the original. The new commission plan also eliminates time for implementation.

On the other hand, complex plans with many options may lead to unreliable results. In this case, running a simulated plan can provide a better aproach, before implementation of the commission plan.  

The simulation plan enables addressing several issues in developing the commission model before formulating an implementation plan. This allows to explore different options before selecting the most effective plan.

It is paramount to identify and quantify the purpose of the simulation and what is expected out of it. Are you trying to increase sales minimize costs, improve service, minimize costs or something else? Whatever it is, make sure to note it and define a way to measure it, so the incentives can be quantified at the end of the project. Doing so will help provide the justification needed to demonstrate that simulation helps and the plan was successful.


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