Types of Data Elements

There are three types of data elements:

  • From an external data source – This external data is typically provided in Excel spreadsheets. Its symbol is .
  • Filtered data - where the data from the external source is filtered in order to narrow the data to a specific data subset (for example, sales of a specific product) . Its symbol is .  
  • Manual element – inserted by you and intended for a specific incentives amount to the department representatives. Its symbol is .  

Since the data source is external, your first step is checking that the worksheets of the original data do not contain error cells. The columns and the rows shall be properly labelled, since these labels serve as field identification for data elements.

The data file shall include the emp_code (employee code) in the form of a unique identification string (letters or numbers, or a combination of both) of the representative. 

The system recognizes data files in .CSV format only. Consequently, the first action is converting your Excel file into a .csv format.

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