Manually Inserting a Data Element

The Data Elements page enables creating a specific element which provides a manual performance for the representatives linked to this Data Element.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Click on Modeling
  2. Click on Data Elements tab (1)
  3. Click on New Manual source icon  (2). The “New Manual Data Element” screen is shown. 

This screen allows you to define manually a new data element.

  1. Type the new data element Name (3). It is recommended that you insert a name close to other Data Element for ease of identification.
  2. Click on Act as Target box if you want that the commission value is set as Target for representatives.
  3. Click on Manager Authorization box (3) if you want this condition restricted by an authorization.
  4. Press Save Manual (6) button to record the new manual data element.
  5. Check the new data Element is added to the list (7).

Once the manual Data Element is added, you are requested to add values to the Element. This is a manual process since this feature is intended to add a one-time element, and not based on external data source. Proceed as follows:  

  1. Click Organization tab (1).
  2. Click Manager Data Entry (2) that allows you to add a manual value.
  3. Verify that the Data Element box (3) shows the correct manual element (or select it from the drop-down list)
  4. Verify that the representatives for this Data Element (Performance) are listed for the proper manager (4) (your name appears).
  5. Since the value for this Data Element is limited for a defined period of time, define that period of time in the drop-down box (6).
  6. Enter the value of the Performance in the Value field (5).
  7. Press Save (6) to record the Performance.


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