Changing the Type of Data Element

The Data Elements page enables changing the type of the existing Data Element. That is, depending on the original nature of the Data Element, you can change the type of data element.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Click on Modeling
  2. Click on Data Elements tab (1)
  3. Select the Data Element to be changed (2) from the list
  4. Click on “Change Element’s Type”   button (3). A selection message is shown.

Depending on the Data Element type, you are provided with a corresponding selection of change possibility, as follows:

  • From a data source Data Element, for example ; from Data Element type to Manual Type.

Note:   If the Data Element has filtered Data Elements, for example , a warning message is displayed preventing you from performing the change.

  • From a filtered Data Element, for example ; from Data Element filter type to Manual type:


  • From a Manual Data Element, for example ; from Data Element manual type to either Data Source or Filter type.


  1. Click Change to perform the procedure. A message is shown, indicating the change was successful.
  2. Check that the Data Element type identification icon has changed. For example, from  to .


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