Setting Up a New Commission Plan – Naming and Parameters Selection

To create a commission plan, proceed as follows:

  1. In any page, click on the Modeling tab (1).
  2. Click on Commission Plan (2) tab.
  3. In the Plans heading, click  (3)

The Add New Production Plan definition box is shown. To create a new plan, proceed as follows: 

  1. Insert a Plan Name (1)
  2. Define the validity period for this plan – set Dates (2)
  3. Set the Frequency (3) of renewal of the plan – from Monthly to Yearly
  4. Click on Use Weight (4) checkbox in case an On Target Business is applicable in this plan. Approval adds a Weight column where a weight value (in percentage) can be added for bonus incentive.
  5. Click on Use Cycle (5) checkbox to add a Cycle column for the commission. This option is required in case a sequence of calculations is requested. This option is relevant when using custom formulas, using reference to a cycle for validation. That is, this option enables creating a commission based on meeting previous conditions, that they themselves are a function of other conditions (hence, cycle).
  6. Click on the Discard After End Date (6) checkbox in order to prevent removal of the plan after the defined “End Date” (2). As a default the commission plan is copied into the next period, in accordance with the Frequency (3) . If you keep the option checked (by default), the commission plan will be discarded after the selected expiry date (2).
  7. Click on the Result (7) checkbox to add a Score column. This option should be used in case results are evaluated for scoring, instead as monetary reward. This option is usually used when:
  • Representative accumulates scores that, eventually, will be transformed into a monetary incentive.
  • Representative accumulates scores that eventually, will be converted into a prize.
  1. Check the Achievement Type (8) box if you use a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) method for tying performance to compensation.
  2. Type a free text Comment in the appropriate box (9).
  3. Press OK (10) to complete the new Commission Plan definition.


The new Commission Plan (1) is displayed with the selected columns (2) in the right-hand screen.


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