Setting Up the Commission Plan – Other Parameters - Achievement

The definition of the Achievement Type determines the basis for the performance measurement.

Two options are available:

  • Performance
  • BSC (Balanced Scorecard)

The Performance selection is the default value. This selection means the achievement is based on the actual performance established by the data in the Commission Element.

The BSC is a performance measurement framework that takes value from the performance of its “sons” or sub-Commission Elements.

Note:    This selection is irrelevant if the Commission Element is related to higher Commission Element.
It is also irrelevant if the Commission Element is a single element, and has no filtered Element attached to it.

To select the achievement type, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Commission Element row (1).
  2. Check the Achievement Type column (2). The default result for the commission rule is Performance (3).
  3. In case you want to define the result of the commission calculation as BSC, press Edit (4). The Edit (4) button changes into Update (6).
  4. The Achievement Type cell in the selected Element Score row turns into a drop-down selection (5). Select BSC (5).
  5. Press Update (6) to save the Score selection (5). The Update button returns to Edit.





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