Setting Up the Commission Plan – Other Parameters - Result

Another step in the Commission Plan definition is determining the type of Result for the Commission Rule. The Result can be either;

  • Payment: or remuneration in the form of a sum of money.
  • Score: or rewards for equal or higher value of the defined score. This selectin is usually employed during competition in the Commission Type.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Commission Element row (1).
  2. Check the Result column (2). The default result for the commission rule is Payment (3).
  3. In case you want to define the result of the commission calculation as Score, press Edit (4). The Edit (4) button changes into Update (6).
  4. The Result cell in the selected Commission Element row turns into a drop-down selection (5). Select Score (5).
  5. Press Update (6) to save the Score selection (5). The Update button returns to Edit.


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