Further Setting the Commission Plan - New Simulation Plan

Creating a Simulation Commission Plan

This feature enables creating a simulation of a Commission Plan. This feature enables deliberate planning, accomplished on a non-committed plan for effective use of the Commission Plan.  The Simulation Plan enables modeling for problems identification, process and evaluation without affecting the current system.

Two simulation options are available:

  1. Creating a new simulation plan
  2. Creating a simulation plan as copy of an existing commission plan.


The setting procedures for Simulation Plans are identical as for new commission plans. Refer to Setting Up a Commission Plan article.

However, the Simulation Plan includes powerful evaluation tools, as described below.

Creating a New Simulation Plan

To create a New Simulation Plan. Proceed as follows:

  1. In Modeling, click on the Commission Plan tab (1).
  2. On Plan header (2), click on Simulation Plan  button (3). The “Add New Commission Plan” screen is shown (4). 
  3. Enter the Plan Name (5) and perform setting procedures as with a New Production Plan. Refer to Setting Up a Commission Plan article.
  4. A new Simulation Plan is listed in the Plans column, with symbol  (6) showing this is a Simulation Plan.

The simulation Plan includes powerful display capabilities of the simulation results. To display simulation results, proceed as follows:

  1. In a Simulation Plan name (1), click on the open  button. The Simulation Plan identification box (2) is shown.
  2. Press the chart  (3) button. The Simulation Results screen (4) is shown, providing results to your selections.   
  3. For further information, press on More Details  (5) button and a graphical display (6) is shown.
  4. Again, press on More Details (7) button and a detailed data screen (8) is shown.


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