Commission Modeling - Introduction

Modeling Procedure 

The incentives modeling is the third in the five-step procedure for the system setup, as shown below.

First, the representatives are defined and identified in the system. Next, the data elements have to be inserted, filtered and checked. Subsequently, a commissions plan has to be defined, set and tested. Finally, the commissions have to be linked to the representatives in accordance with their activities.

A test shall complete the incentives plan process.

Modeling Module

The Modeling module includes:

  • Tools for defining rules to calculate commission incentives
  • Fields for all parameters and data necessary for outlining a commission plan.

This section describes the modeling procedures for the setup and update of commission plans. The model can be set directly and made functional. Just as well, the capability to run a simulation is available. The simulation of a commission plan enables evaluating the possible outcomes of a new commission, before its implementation.

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