To meet business objectives, incentives are critical. They drive Representative performance, inspire and motivate forces, and align Representative actions with company goals. Joopy is committed to help customers improve their compensation processes by providing advanced tools for incentives planning.

Joopy enables creating plans tailored to the company needs. As well-known in the industry, manual incentive systems are prone to errors. Migrating your current system to Joopy minimizes these errors, drops compensation disputes and removes shadow accounting.

Joopy offers a cloud-based improved SPM suite, easily accessible. Its unique Representative focus is backed by Joopy’s Wisdom, a multi-dimensional planning system that rapidly creates and deploys impactful incentive schemes, ensuring quick implementation from strategy concept to practice.

The following sections will help you get your incentives definition off the ground. We will also guide you for managing your Representatives list, defining commission plans, and making sure your incentives get into the right personnel.

The basic flowchart of a Joopy implementation is as follows:

The main sections for the setup of an Incentives and Commission Plan are:

Welcome to Joopy: 

Defining Representatives and Incentives: 

Data Elements:

Commission Modeling: 









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