At a Glance, Current Operational Status Display

A three-in-a-row cloud display provides the current operational status of your Joopy, whenever you click on Home (1)in any screen. 

This status display consists of: 

  • The recent portal usage or Login (1) in the form of logins within the last 30 days, and the number of users that logged in within that period.
  • The current total Commissions (2) of the Representatives under your supervision.
  • The data loading and latest calculations - Load Process (3) performed in your system.

More Status Data  

More detailed information is available by clicking in the More button  at bottom. 


Further information, even more detailed, can be obtained by clicking in the Details   box.

  • For Login detailed information:


  • For Commissions detailed information:


  • For Load Process (loading) detailed information:


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