Messages - Publishing a Private Message

To publish a Private Message, proceed as follows:  

  1. Click on the Tools module (1).
  2. Click on Messages (2) tab to display its contents. The Private Messages screen (3) is divided in two areas. The left-hand area (Tables) (4) lists the representatives in a hierarchical mode. The right-hand area (5) lists the list of messages that have been published.
  3. Press the New Private Message  (6) button.  The Create New Private Message selection box is shown.

  1. Since this is a message from a department head to his team, a list of possible Recipients is shown (1). Click on the selection boxes (2) to select the intended recipients of this message.
  2. Enter the Subject (3), Attach a File (or Show the File before sending), and type in the Text. The Text box (4) includes standard format tools.
  3. Press Save  (6). The message is not sent as in regular e‑mail but is stored in the system. The recipient can view it when entering the system under Organization / Employees. 

  1. The Messages screen displays a list of the recipients of the message (7), with the individual messages issued to them, identification fields such as Subject (8) and more. Only the messages that have been approved and defined as In Use (9) will be shown to the recipient in the Organization module / Employees


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