Messages - Filtering a List

To filter the messages list:

All fields in the Messages table include the filtering capability to sort the data shown in the table. You may want to filter the list by some parameters in a specific field.

To filter the messages in any given field:

  1. Click on the Tools
  2. Click on Messages (1) tab to display its contents.
  3. Click on the group (2) you want to display the messages list.
  4. Select the field you want to filter (3).

  1. Click on the Filter  (3) button in the field header to display the filtering selection box (4).
  2. Insert a value for filtering (5), in accordance with the field.
  3. Click on the drop-down Contains arrow (6).
  4. Select the filtering logic (7) out of the available list.
  5. Press Filter (8). The displayed list shows the messages list in accordance with the selected filter value.


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