User Permissions - Introduction

The Tools module includes a User Permissions page. User permissions specify what tasks users can perform and what features users can access.

This page determines the actions that each representative, in accordance with its operational status and its hierarchical rank, is allowed to perform in the system.

The User Permissions are assigned first by roles, regardless of the specific representative. After a role (or rank) has been granted permissions, any representative assigned with a role is granted the defined permissions with the role.

Only once these permissions are defined, the system allows for editing the permissions for an individual representative.  

Therefore, the User Permissions allocation is performed in two steps:

  1. Definition of permissions granted to each role or administrative function.
  2. Specific User Permission granted to each representative.


 The operational functions for allocating User Permissions include: 

User Permissions Screen Description

Defining Permissions to an Administrator Role

Defining Permissions to Sales Manager / Representative / Financial Manager / Human Resource 

Adding a New Role 

Editing an Existing Role 

Deleting an Existing Role 

Copying an Existing Role 

Adding a Representative (and his/her Permissions) 

Editing a Representative (and Permissions) 

Deleting a Representative (and his/her Permissions)


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