User Permissions – User Permissions Screen Description

The User Permissions table provides information on the representatives, its access permission and their approval in the system.

To get to the User Permissions table, proceed as follows:  

  1. Click on the Tools
  2. Click on User Permissions (1) tab. The User Permissions table is shown. The User Permissions table provides the following information:
  3. User Name (2) in the system, as defined when clicking Add
  4. Representative (employee) name (3), as defined clicking Add
  5. The Access column (4) shows the permission to access the system for the representative. If Unlocked , access is free and does not require password. Otherwise, Locked   requires password for access.
  6. To change the Access status, double‑click on Unlocked/Locked and an approval screen is shown. Press Yes  to change.

  1. The Reset Password column (5) provides a  button that enables the Representative to reset his/her access password. Double‑click on the Reset Password  button to reset the password. An approval message is issued. Press Yes  and the current password is rest and a new password is mailed to the representative e‑mail address. A message is issued and displayed on the screen.
  2. The Password Change Date column (6) displays the latest date for Password Renewal. The inserted data defines the date for messaging the representative that the Password must be renewed.
  3. To change the Password Change Date, press the change  button. An interval option is shown.
  4. Click on the days’ toggle switch  (1) to add or decrease the number of days between Password mandatory changes.
  5. Once defined, click Yes  button (2) to save the change or  button (3) to cancel the change and return to the original date.

  1. The Approval Permission column (7) enables defining the approvals granted to this representative. To display the approvals, double click on  button. The Approval Permissions for User Name selection box is displayed.
  2. Click on an Approval for selection. Use the arrows   buttons to add/remove Approvals for the Representative.
  3. Click on the arrows   buttons to add/remove all Available Approvals for the Representative.
  4. Press Save  to complete the selections.

  1. Export the User Permissions table to an Excel file by clicking on Excel button  (8)
  2. Export the User Permissions table to a Pdf file by clicking on Pdf  button  (8). 



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