Events – Viewing a Representative Activities Log

The system enables recording the events or activities that the representative performs.  

The log of activities of a representative is shown as an Event log table. The events table include filtering in order to sift through the data and display it in a custom view.

To view the event log, proceed as follows:  

  1. Click on the Tools module (1).
  2. Click on Events (2) tab. The Events log of activities for today is shown (3). The listed activities can be of a single user (you) or all members of a department. The events are listed in reverse chronological order, with the latest event on top.
  3. The events log includes a time interval selection where you can select a Start Date (4) and an End Date (5) to show past events. Press Events  button (6) to display the events during the selected schedule.
  4. You can filter the events by clicking on the filter  icon (7) at the head of each column.
  5. Enter the User Name (4) the representative will have in the system.

  1. Export the Events table to an Excel file by clicking on Excel  button (8)
  2. Export the Events table to a Pdf file by clicking on Pdf  button (8). 


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