Setting Up a Commission Plan

To set up a commission plan, proceed as follows:

  1. In any page, click on the Modeling tab (1).
  2. Click on Commission Plan (2) tab.

The Plans heading includes two buttons (3) for adding a new plan, either directly or simulated:

  1. To create a commission plan, press  or
  2. To create a simulation plan, press .

The Commission Plan setup is a process that consists of two major steps:

  • Naming and defining a new Commission Plan (1)
  • Defining the values of the data elements (2) and commission elements for the new plan.

Attach Files to Plan 
Are you working with complex commissions plans? Attach the commissions' explanations files can clear things up:

select your desired plan and press  mceclip0.png and then choose selected files from your device:







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