Assigning Representatives to a Commission Plan

The next procedure in the Commission Plan setup is assigning representatives to the Plan.

Note:    You are requested to add representatives, not their upper echelon managers.

Proceed as follows:

  1. In the Commission Plan, click on the Members: Change (1). The “Assigned Representatives for [Name of Commission Plan]” window (2) is displayed. This screen lists the code and name (3) of the representatives in your organization. To assign a representative to the plan, proceed as follows;
  2. Click on the code and name of the representative (3) you want to assign.
  3. Click on the arrow  (4) symbol to add the selected representative into the Assigned Representatives list (6).
  4. Click on the multiple arrow  (5) symbol to assign all representatives to the Assigned Representatives list (6).

Note:    Use the arrow button in the opposite direction to remove representatives from the Assigned Representatives list.

  1. Press Save (7) to complete the task.


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