Completing the Commission Plan Setup

To complete the definition of a Commission Plan:

  1. Perform all setup procedures for a Commissions Element (1) in the Commission Element column.
  2. Press the Calculate button (1)
  3. Click on Organization tab (3)
  4. Click on an Employee (4) name (linked to the Data Element)
  5. Check the calculated Incentive value (5). Verify it fits the intended commission.
  6. If not, return to the Commission Element and perform adjustments and corrections (then press Calculate, and check anew the resulting incentive). 

  1. If the value is correct, perform the full definition procedure of the Commission Plan for the next Commission Element.
  2. Press Modeling (6)
  3. Select back the Commission Plan (7) and perform the setup of the next Commission Element (8).
    (Should be Links?)
  • Setting a Commission Plan
  • Defining a Commission Element
  • Defining Weight (if selected)
  • Defining Target (if selected)
  • Defining the Commission Rule
  • Defining the Commission Rule/Formula Wizard
  • Defining the Result if selected)
  • Defining the Paycode (if selected)
  • Defining the Achievement Type (if selected)



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