Further Setting the Commission Plan - Simulation Plan out of Existing Plan

Creating a simulation plan as copy of an existing commission plan

The system allows creating a Simulation Plan out of an established Commission Plan. This feature enables modeling in an existing plan, in order to check new options, select best settings or correct errors without necessitating the whole definition procedure.

To create a simulation plan out of an existing commission plan, proceed as follows:

  1. In Modeling, click on the Commission Plan tab (1).
  2. In a Commission Plan name (1), click on the open The Commission Plan identification box (2) is shown.
  3. On the Commission Plan box (2), click on Copy Plan as Simulation button (3). 
  4. A new Simulation Plan (4) is added in the Plans column, which is a copy of the original Commission Plan with the Simulation  (5) symbol.
  5. Press Set Status  (6) button to define the status of the Simulation Copy.
  6. Perform setting procedures as with a Simulation Plan. Refer to article Setting a New Simulation Plan.
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