Setting the Commission Plan – Adding a Data Element from within the Plan Screen

The Commission Plan screen enables creating and adding a commission element within the Commission Plan screen. This feature enables setting up a commission element without exiting to the Commission Plan tab.

Proceed as follows:

  1. In Modeling, click on the Commission Plan tab (1).
  2. Select the Commission Plan to whom you want to add a Data Element (2). The Commission Plan data box (2) is shown.
  3. Click on Add Commission Element (3) button. The Add Available Data Elements screen is shown.

This screen includes a set of buttons  to define new Data Elements (4).

To create a new Data Element;

  1. Press New Data Source  (5) button. The Create New Data Source screen is shown.
  2. Refer to article Creating a New Data Source for instructions.


To add a new filter to the Data Element:

  1. Press New Filter (6) button. The Add New Filter screen is shown.
  2. Refer to article Adding a New Filter for instructions.


To create a new Data Element manually:

  1. Press New Manual (7) button. The Add New Manual Data Element screen is shown.
  2. Refer to article Adding a New Manual Data Element for instructions.


To add a new incentive in Data Element only:

Note:    This feature is a special Data Element that can be created in this procedure only. This feature is not included in the Data Elements tab.

  1. Press New Incentives Only (8) button. The Add New Incentives Only Element screen (1) is shown.
  2. Type a name for this data element in the Name text box (2)
  3. Press Save (3) button. The New Incentives Commission Element, with its distinctive  logo, is added to the list of the Commission Plan (4).

Note:   This type of Commission element is usually used to collect groups of Data Elements together in a plan and use their (already calculated) data ( Link refers to cycles). 




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