Checking Out Processes - Introduction

The Processes feature in the Tools module enables calculating your incentives plan and reporting for errors. The calculation can be selected for Data Element only, Commission only or both.

The result of the calculation is displayed in the Organization Module, at the Employees’ tab, in the Incentives/Commission data cell.

In case of error during calculation, a message is issued in a banner. The screen displays the errors the system found during the calculation to help troubleshoot any incorrect result. The probable cause for errors is shown by selection.  

To check out processes, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the Tools module (1) to display the Tools screen
  2. Check the Periods screen (2) is shown as default
  3. Click on Processes (3) to display its contents.

Other operational functions for verifying processes include:

Data Element Calculation 

Commission Calculation 

Full Calculation 

Salary File 


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