Messages - Editing a Public Message

To edit a Public Message, proceed as follows:  

  1. Click on the Tools module (1).
  2. Click on Messages (2) tab.
  3. Click on Public Messages (3). The Public message screen is shown with the list of the messages.
  4. Select the Commission Plan (4) where the message to be edited is stored.
  5. Click on the row of the message you want to edit (5).
  6. Press the Edit Public Message  (6) button.  The Edit Public Message selection box is shown.

  1. Perform the requested changes in the several fields (Example: 7, 8, 9, 10).

  1. If you keep the Commission Plans selection (11) or make any change, the edited message will be shown to all representatives linked to these Plans.
  2. Press Save  (12). The edited message is stored in the system. The edited message is shown at the selected row with the change definitions (13, 14), for the selected Commission Plans only. The recipient can view it in the Organization module / Employees tab. 


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