User Permissions – Adding a New Role

The system enables the definition of a new role in the administration and the permissions granted to it.

To add a new role in the list, proceed as follows:  

  1. Click on the Tools module (1).
  2. Click on User Permissions (2) tab.
  3. Press the User Permissions  (3) button.  The Permission Roles selection box is shown.

  1. Press Add  button (4). The Add Role insertion box is shown.

  1. Type a Role Name (5).
  2. Insert a Description of the role (6) that will be displayed at the bottom of the Permission Roles selection box.
  3. Click on Manager role (7) checkbox if this role has managerial attributes.
  4. Click on Default role (8) to create it as a default role.
  5. Press Save  (9).

  1. The new role is added at the bottom of the list (10) as well as its description (11).

  1. Press Save  in the Permission Roles box to save the procedure and return to the User Permissions
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