How-to Loading data by using Loading Application

How-to Loading data by using Loading Application

In this guide, you will learn how to set an automatic data loading process by Loading with



  1.   Open    ->  page -> Press  ->  :




When saved, you will recognize this sign           is added to the row of the file.


  1. Press  and download all files for Automatic Loading, located them in the same directory.


*Important note: The file for download at step number 2 contains the login information In encrypted form. In case of password changes, a new file must be downloaded again. 


  1. Put your *.csv files in this directory and run the *.batch file.


  1. Configuration file parameters:

        The configuration file of transfer application has several parameters that may be changed:


  1. DirectoryPath – If user wishes to hold files in different directory it can specify the directory name in this parameter. Insert the correct path between the ” ”.


  1. CalculateIncentives – allows to enable (true) or disable (false) Incentives calculation at the end of the loading process.


  1. WriteLog – if enabled (true), the application will create and write log file about loading process success.


  1. SendEmail – enabled (true) to send an email about the success of loading.

*After enables, set a process as detailed in this guide:

 HOW to set up JOOPY to send e-mail notification after data loading


Additional abilities:

1. Create a new period by loading:

Run application with the parameter “CREATE_NEW_PERIOD”.
The application will take the value of parameter “NEXT_PERIOD_NAME” from the page “Account Parameters”, and will create a new period with the same name.

2. Loading to a Specified Period:

The user may create a text file named “period.txt”.
The application at a run time will read the file and use the specified period as the loading period, and then insert into the requested loading period.
If the specified period name does not exist, application will create a new period with this name, if parameter ALLOW_CREATE_PERIOD_ON_LOADING is allowing.

3. For adding Multiple Batch Loading, press  ->enable the checkbox   ->press   .

The Multiple Batch Loading Enable to load data at a different interval. for example, when some of the files are daily loaded and some are weekly loaded.




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