Color Indications Definition - Informative lines, Widget & Angular gauge


For notable indication to your data you can define a color range, which can be expressed through a graphical widget and Incentives and performance screens, using a few easy steps:


  1. First, you need to add the feature to your subject lines through the user permissions:



  • You can choose by role to whom will be access to define color sets
  1. Add a new color range by clicking mceclip0.png-> set a range name and definition to this color range:

            Press  mceclip1.png  to add range or  mceclip2.png to delete them:



  1. Use the color set at the different section:


A.Presenting colorful indications on the JOOPY information screens by setting the plan formula body:



The outcome:


B. Use the color set in a graphical widget:


The outcome:


C. Or at the Angular Gauge, on the dashboards reporting tool:


The outcome:


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