JOOPY May 2020 Release Notes (9.47)

We would like to update you about the new JOOPY release. This release is available on the JOOPY cloud as of May 2020, and contain significant new & improve product, modules and features!

This release continues to expand and execute JOOPY employee-centric approach with new modules as Goal Sheet, Mobile version improvement, Case management enhancements, and much more. Incoming transactions can now be approved prior to their calculation process. Also, new improve capabilities for the power-user that will enable easier, control, and better work.  

New Modules:

JOOPY Agreements (New Product)

JOOPY’s Agreement enables companies and organizations who work with partners/agencies, to manage their end-to-end sales processes; from managing the diverse work agreements with different agencies, through the agreements of the partner with their clients, all while including the approval processes of these activities. The mentioned topics are highly complex work processes, and the ability to define, automate and manage through JOOPY Insurance, highly improves the organization’s time-to-market and leads to a significant improvement in the business results

 *for licensed accounts


Goal Sheet Significant Improvements

Instead of the back and forth long emails, let the sales reps focused on sales and increase their trust with the company. The Goal Sheet enabled you to reflect and deliver a personal goal sheet by a design PDF document with all your goals and other information. It also enables to create automate different approval workflow for that document, creating alarms, enable real-time control, and more.




*for JOOPY Tech licensed or as an additional module.                                     


Retro calculations are very common in scenarios such as order cancelation or late transaction arrival. Significant improvement and packaging have been made in the presentation of retroactive commission calculations, which are rescheduled in corresponding adjustments in the current opened period.

Retroactive commission calculations of an already paid period may create corresponding adjustments in the current period, which will affect not only a single employee, but also an employee's managers and department.

Adjustments in the current period for previously paid periods are presented in the Incentives and Performance screen through a dedicated 'Retro' plan.



*for JOOPY Tech / JOOPY Insurance licensed or as an additional module.


Additional Features:

Mobile app improvements- we release a new mobile version for iOS & Android (1.18.02) 

  • "Change Custom Domain" improvement- we design a new screen for easier "change custom domain" to end-users that their account is on a different server. We also develop the option to send a link by SMS/Mail/WhatsApp that will customize the domain automatically. 


  • Manager review per chosen period- when manger review employee on a historical period, and preform transition between employee he will stay at the same chosen historical period.


  • “Show Password” icon at login- for convenient & secured access.
  • Different bugs fixed.  


About Go JOOPY Mobile App: 

Go JOOPY, the mobile application of the JOOPY solution significantly contributes to employee performance, strengthens the trust and confidence between the organization and its employees, and allows the team to focus on sales growth.

 *for licensed accounts only. 



Case Management Module overall changes and enhancements

New settings, Case ID for better control type, ability to present any ticket on my transaction (even if not opened by me. for example, opened by a manager or a parallel employee)




 Copy Plan - Create a New Group - Now at the "Copy plan" action there is an option to duplicate the group(s) or without the groups.


More Security:

Decrypted Employee Attributes for more security:


JOOPY Table Manager - until now it was private or public now it can be set per role.


More Users Control

User Permission screen- changed and enhanced on the user list screen:

  • Adding more info for easy view: Email, Last login, Department Name.
  • Change icons, a different icon to managers
  • Removing unused columns
  • Ability to filter


Adding the first and last name to the user data - if the user is not linked to an employee, you can set the first name and last name. for example, on SSO you don't wish to have the user ID but the real user name.


Data Item Security is per period - until now the security was for all periods, now it's per specific period so it can be read-only in period A and editable for a specific role in period B.


Thank you for reading JOOPY's Product update. We are interested in hearing your feedback and what you would like to find in JOOPY's next releases. You are invited to share your thoughts through the following link:

Enjoy JOOPY,

circle-cropped.png  Omer from the Customer Success Team

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