JOOPY Report - Full Guide

Introduction to JOOPY Report Tool:

JOOPY provides organizations with reporting tools. JOOPY's HTML5.0 GUI and the Portal actually serve as an ad-hoc reporting environment for organization and employees’ information, transactions and commission models. JOOPY provides intuitive reports builder, which enables authorized users to easily create customized business insights, according to the organization's needs.


  1. User permissions - First, you need to add the links and add in the User permissions screen


At the “Home links”:


       At the “Activities” section:


And in “Other subjects”:



  1. “Report” link - Then will appear at the home page links the “Report” link


  1. Add new Report and choose your desire report category


  • Incentives Report- Show item level incentives/Commission Choose items for the employee level.
  • Transaction Report- Show Transaction level information (sales, portfolio, activity) based on the sales/performance information we load into the application; the report can be on an item or an item filter.
  • Plan Report- show individual plan and then choose the desire items you want to display.
  • Commission Transactions Report- show incentives based on the transaction level for the employee level and with the single record line.


  1. Type Report name
  2. Select Permission


    • By User Permission - If data is based on employee and you wish the employee will see only his relevant information, managers will see all their team members.
    • Without Permission - If data is general or you wish to show all information to everyone.


  1. Additional parameters at creating or editing report:


  1. Add Items to the Report:



  1. Choose desire Period to run the report:



  1. Custom your report and view- Sort, Filter, Hide, Drag or Aggregate. Then you can save your state for the next logins.


  1. Publish your report (inside JOOPY)- this action performs by the user portal profile



  1. Send Report by email- click on the email icon at the report grid:


 Choose your category you want to distribute by (Myself, Users, Roles, Custom- separate   emails) :



*Batches- for automatic send, select pre-defined batch. The scheduled time will set inside each batch. For more info go to loading section.


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