JOOPY June 2022 Release Notes (9.63)

This release continues to expand and execute JOOPY's Drive-to-Results approach with a new innovations module such as JOOPY Agreement, Dashboard enhancements, Data loading, Goal Sheet, Employee Type, Cycle approval, Profiles, and much more. . Also, new improve capabilities for the power-user that will enable a faster environment, more dynamic, and enhance control. 

"JOOPY Agreement" innovations:

  •  "JOOPY Agreement" innovations: enables companies to enhance organizational effectiveness by allowing the creation of agreements without appendixes and providing the best flexibility.
  • In this case, it is not possible to add appendixes from the agreement details screen.
  • It will also be possible for a workflow for such an agreement can be promoted.
  • This modul is perfect for adding a new population or agency like service, sales or operations that have a lot of unique objects to each different factor.  Contact us for further information.


JOOPY Dashboards Constantly Improving:

  • Competition - In this new chart, you can run competitions between departments/employees/groups and display a visual ordered by ranking.
    The information displayed to each employee will depend on their permission and their position in the hierarchy. The setup of the dashboard is simple and completely intuitive.


      • New dashboard setup windowconfig_dashboard.png
  • Digital Charts - It is now possible to configure a custom digital screen and display data from the plan's and data elements you want to follow.__________.png

JOOPY "Goal sheet" keep on renewing:

    • Goal sheet  - You can now configure a PDF document It will include all the terms of the commission rules and the employees’ information according to their position and the group to which they belong - the file is created completely automatically and uses the system data and calculations results according to customizations for each position and role.mceclip0.png

Data loading innovations:

  • Excel file  - Excel download and upload - Displays the Right to left / Left to right sheet according to the user interface.
    Previously we were able to  transfer data through API access or CSV files, now we can also do it through Excel files and even control each sheetexcel.png

User Permissions Screen:

  • User Permissions Screen - The ability to identify if a specific employee is associated with the user was added

Cycle approval keep on renewing:

  • Cycle approval Employee mode - The approvals screen can now activate and track permissions in a systematic and orderly manner, the approving agent decides to approve or disapprove based on their position in the hierarchy and permissions. He can also add a comment. Timestamp and user name are recorded for each approval or disapproval throughout the process. cycle_aproval.png

Personal customization By Report viewer:

  • Report viewer - You can remove the informative video from the home page and add data in the widget instead or alternatively leave blank.
    Configure this by using the "report viewer" a link from the home page.
    If the link does not exist, please add it through the User Permissions screen.

Period - Upgrade:

  • Report Lock Period for Managers - The system allows the Administrators to lock a period so that only managers can change information in this period.
  • Add / Delete period - Adding and deleting a period will be done in the background.

    Users will not need to wait on the screen anymore.
    This change was done to support retro period since the copy or deletion of data from/to the original period takes time and causes the system to halt.

Profiles - New Feature:

  • Profile management - This way you can set the reports and dashboards to groups of employees with a mutual profile.
  • Selected Categories for selected profile:All existing categories should be displayed, with the first ones marked in the order made by the user.
    For rules list, Drag'n'Drop is enabled.
    Validation when deselecting a category: “The category is set to one or more profiles associated with existing users. “Deleting the category will delete the relevant settings. Are you sure?”



  • Defining categories

    Add the option from “Profile tab” or via “user permissions”/ “Process”

    For rules list, Drag'n'Drop is enabled.

    Order of the Categories will be set as default (can be changed to a specific profile).

    Add tooltip for “Description”.

    There must be at least one category.?

    Validation when deleting a category:

    “The category is set to one or more profiles associated with existing users.
    Deleting the category will delete the relevant settings. Are you sure?"


    Select report

    Enable to select the same report in different folders.

    The type can also be “Dashboard”

    In the selection window :

    • Search by ID / name
    • Enables multi selection (shift +)profile_2.png
  • You can control the dashboard according to each profile that is set and see the alternating view between the different profiles mceclip1.png

Data loading - An option has been added to stop the uploading of a file. The button is only available in case of loading.

The system will load all the data loaded until the cancellation is clicked.
When doing a batch upload using the Console, stopping the uploading of the current file will also stop the loading of the other files in the batch.
The data will not return to the original version before loading.
The cancellation process may take several secondsmceclip2.png


Employee Type :

  • In version 9.63 a new reference was made regarding the type of employee.
    This reference allows:
    Assign a type to employees.
    Show attributes based on employee type.
    Allows to filter employees on the main screen and other configurations.
    For this purpose, a change was made in the employee definition screen.

  • When "employee type" is set, users can filter using this option
    The options will display only the types relevant to the selected organization, In addition to selecting a specific type, only features related to this type will be displayed.





Finishing touches:

  • Version number is displayed at the bottom of any screen
  • An indication for active filters has been added to the employees screen.

    “Clear all filters” button added.Filter.png
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