Representatives - Setup Overview

The basis of an incentives plan is a comprehensive, updated, engaged list of Representatives. Before defining any commission, you must first create and/or import, and confirm the involved workforce.

You can create a new Representatives list or import it from an external source and define the managerial hierarchy. The organization Representatives’ page provides detailed information on the workforce and their commission.

Before building that list, you must familiarize with the wealth of data available on the Representatives performance. 

This section enables: 

Getting to the Organization module 

Setting the Organization hierarchy 

Adding a new Representative 

Viewing the Representatives attributes 

Adding Predefined Attributes to a Representative 

Adding and Defining New Attributes to a Representative 

Deleting an Attribute from a Representative 

Displaying the Representatives List as an Organizational Chart 

Displaying a Representative Attributes in Business Card Format 

Viewing a Representative Several Attributes 

Updating/Changing a Representative’s Attribute 

Viewing a Representative Incentives in Detail

Viewing/Adding/Retrieving an Incentives Plan in the Representatives Page



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