CSV File Loading – Data Handling Buttons

Once a CSV file is loaded in the system, its characteristics are shown in a table mode. Beside identification data, several handling options are available for updating, reloading and more. These functions are described below. 

The CSV file row is shown below.

It consists of six columns that provide information on the file. These column display the selections you made during the loading of the file, in the Columns options forFile name” data box:

  • File Name - which include Id. information and file handling capabilities
  • File Type – as defined (subjects as default)
  • Map To – which identifies the Data Element this file is linked to.
  • Column by – which determines the id. of the incentives definition in the Excel original file.
  • Delimiter – which defines the delimiter for the commission value (comma as default)
  • Date Format – for defining the format of the file update date (day-month-year by default)


The File Name column includes operational buttons  for updating and more for the file. These buttons enable, from left:

  1.  - Preview of the csv file contents.
    Click on the Preview  button to display the contents of the file, as follows: 

  1.  - Load now the file. This means the loading (of re-loading) is performed manually.
    Click on the Load Now  button to load the file now and a log display is shown, showing that the file has been loaded now (Date at Start Time column) and successfully (Status column). If the loading fails, an Error Message is issued at bottom and at the Error Message

  1.  - Download the current csv file to a selected directory.
    Clock on the Download  button and the file is downloaded in the computer Download directory. Depending on the computer operating system, you can view the file in different modes, as shown below.

  1.  - Remove the file.
    Click on the Remove  button to delete the file, after an approval/warning message is issued and requires your response.

  1. The Update  button enables reloading the file from its latest directory in order to update the imported data.
    Click on the Renew  button to open a directory where the latest file is stored. The latest update date is shown.

  1. The Edit  button is intended for editing the uploaded file. Refer to Uploading a CSV file for description and instructions.




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