JOOPY June 2020 Release Notes (9.48)

This release continues to expand and execute JOOPY's Drive-to-Results approach with a new module as JOOPY MBO, Dashboard enhancements, and much more. . Also, new improve capabilities for the power-user that will enable a faster environment, more dynamic, and enhance control.  

JOOPY MBO (New Module):

JOOPY’s MBO (Manage By Objective) enables companies to enhance organizational effectiveness by getting the organization to become more result-focused. JOOPY MBO scored table is highly user-friendly and makes it easy to define an object (KPI), different weights, actual performance, and then calculate employee or manager results. This module is perfect to add a new population like service or operations that has a lot of unique objects to each different factor.  Contact us for further information.


JOOPY Dashboard Constantly Improving:

  • Drill-Down from the graph and comparing to different periods, parallel departments, Child Departments, or by plan 


  • Chart by plan-only data element 


  • More informative at hover text box.


*for JOOPY Analytics licensed accounts.


Additional Features:

More informative screen by easy minimize JOOPY side-bar


Manager Data Entry by Plan-  new screen for better UX while inserting manually data. Choose the department and then the desired plan- double side-bar screen. Recommended for large-size organizations. 


'Clear all filters' available also in Reports

Color Range is enabled even while export to Excel- Read more



Organization Section Improvements:

Same Same, but different departments- Set department name by unit code, the department name can be repeated.


Department Additional Values - Ability to add different values per department, recommended for performing segmentation to departments and comparing between them.



Modeling Section Improvements:

Union Data Element- New capability to perform aggregation (sum or average) of different elements, without the need to perform inside a formula- more convenient and dynamic. 


Show/un-show formula categories and the ability to separate between simple parameters from the complex.


Duplicate Formula- for faster plan creation.



Missing parameters Indication in plans screens



Added columns from pre-defined fields-  more options to a complex calculation in an easy manner.




Thank you for reading JOOPY's Product update. We are interested in hearing your feedback and what you would like to find in JOOPY's next releases. You are invited to share your thoughts through the following link:

Enjoy JOOPY,

circle-cropped.png  Omer from the Customer Success Team

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